Where to begin?

Where to begin? Leslie is an amazing breeder of Maine Coon kittens. She’s doesn’t run a kennel, she runs a home. When you visit her house, she may have 12 kittens and four adults roaming around, but you would never know it. Her house is immaculate. No cat hair, no smell, no nuthin’. She spends hours socializing with each kitten. Playing with them, petting them, feeding them, holding them, sleeping with them. The result is that their personalities are off-the-chart good. We were so fortunate to be able to adopt two kittens. They were born three weeks apart with different mothers, but they have the same father. in fact, Scout, the silver tabby is just coming up on her first birthday next week. Both kittens are just
drop-dead gorgeous and have grown to be about 16 pounds. At least, so far, because they aren’t full grown yet. They’ll continue to grow until they’re 18 months old.. Their looks and size, while top-notch impressive, can’t even begin to match their personalities. These girls are just amazing. They are playful, funny, curious, and loving. They act more like dogs, than they do cats, which is fine with us. All that’s important to us is that we think we’ve found the very best companions for our home, and that we know they came from a loving, ethical breeder who makes raising these beautiful animals her life’s mission. Please call Leslie. She is the only person you’ll need to see to adopt the very best kitten.

Scott & Belinda Drolet