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About Mainely Ours Maine Coons

I love cats! As a matter of fact, I have never lived in a house without a cat since I was born. While growing up in the country, my family took in every stray, and sometimes we got them from the pound. We named most of our cats people names, because we humanized them. As a child, I realized that cats come with a variety of personality traits; some are outgoing and some are shy.

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5 year old Leslie Schaffer with Kitty Wayne

My favorite cat of all was my grandma’s cat, Callie. She was big, gentle, smart, and outgoing. My grandma said she was a Maine Coon. I had never heard of that breed and did not know where to get one. All I knew was that my grandpa had passed away, and Callie was my grandma’s best friend.

Three years ago, I went to a Maine Coon cat show with a friend. I fell in love with the cats as they walked with their plumed tails held high, and looked at me with their large intelligent eyes. They made me think back about Callie, and what an amazing cat she was. I wanted one.

My first Maine Coon cat was Angel. I fell in love with her gentle personality and desire to be by my side. She was bred when I got her and had her first litter of kittens in my home. Her kittens had her same friendly disposition. That’s when I became excited about sharing this breed. With my over twenty-year background of nurturing prize winning dairy goats, I knew a lot about maintaining animal health and welfare. I was ready to raise these beautiful cats and share them with others.

I have a small home cattery called Mainely-Ours Maine Coons and each cat is registered with CFA and TICA. To produce healthy, loving kittens, the cats live in my house and are a part of my family. They live with dogs and birds giving them a good period of socialization while they are young. I only allow a few litters a year, so the kittens are raised with an abundance of love and attention. I concentrate on breeding for a sweet temperament.

Mainely-Ours Cattery is a FIV and FELV negative cattery. All of our breeds are negative for BPC HCM gene mutation. We do annual heart scans. I also screen their hips for hip dysplasia.

All of my kittens are sold with a written contract. I don’t allow kittens to leave my home before they are 12 weeks old. None of my kittens are de-clawed. They are indoor cats and must never be allowed to roam outdoors. My goal is that each of my kittens would grow up to be healthy and happy cats bringing joy to their new owner.